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The main tasks in this position include:


accepting deliveries of goods - unloading deliveries from trucks;


planning the use of warehouse space and the arrangement of goods - the warehouse must accommodate current goods and the next deliveries. The warehouseman should properly arrange the layout of the products and make the best use of the available space;


unfolding goods in the warehouse - moving and / or distributing cartons for many hours a day, lifting products

marking cartons and labeling products;


preparation of orders for retail and / or wholesale customers;


checking compliance of goods prepared for shipment with the invoice;


activities related to the shipment of goods - packaging products according to established procedures, marking and addressing shipments;


loading orders to delivery trucks;


handling of warehouse equipment - incl. forklift, stacker cranes;


checking stock levels - completing goods, reporting damaged products to the manager and removing them from the warehouse;


regular inventory of the warehouse;


cooperation with other departments of the company, e.g. with the sales department, logistics department or procurement department;




03 February 2021