Kliknij dwukrotnie, żeby edytować pole

Employing more employees entails full HR and payroll services.


To meet the expectations of our clients, we propose to separate the entire service of this process outside.


Undoubtedly, the advantages of human resources and payroll in an external company are:


Confidentiality - many entrepreneurs have found out how difficult it is to cool down the emotions of employees and ease the mood if data on other employees' salaries fall into the wrong hands. An external company is a guarantee that payroll data will not be disseminated, and thus will not cause conflicts or unnecessary emotions among employees.


Savings - when building the HR department inside the company, you have to take care of a separate room, computer hardware, software and, above all, specialists who you entrust with running employee affairs. By opting for HR and payroll outsourcing, you can save on all these levels.


Security - One person in the HR and payroll department is a risk. It is enough for her to fall ill or take a vacation and you have no one to replace her. Additionally, you must train your employees yourself to make sure that all remuneration calculations in your company are carried out in accordance with the law. If you decide to choose an external company - these worries do not concern you, because the need to have up-to-date knowledge of labor law or tax law is the responsibility of the external company. In addition, good companies are insured against civil liability, which guarantees financial security in the event of serious mistakes.


Specialist knowledge - companies specializing in HR and payroll services employ the best specialists, who are also largely based on the experience gained while providing services to other companies. Such extensive knowledge and experience guarantees that you will quickly solve specific HR problems in your company. Additionally, the payroll process is almost instantaneous.


Focus on business - separating the HR and payroll process relieves your company from processes not related to running a business. Cooperation with specialists in the field of human resources and payroll allows you to focus solely on business.



03 February 2021