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Health and safety service


I. OSH training:

Development of a training policy ordinance,

Organization of training activities,

Conducting initial and periodic training,

· Preparation of forms of certificates of completion of training,

· Monitoring of the company's activities in the field of training.


II. Healthcare in the event of employment:

Development of a health protection ordinance,

Organizing valid medical and psychotechnical examinations,

· Organization of increased medical care and preventive and preventive activities in the case of employment of particularly protected employees or the presence of harmful factors in the work environment.


III. Management of workwear and cleaning agents:

Development of management on the management of clothing and cleaning agents,

· Development of company tables, standards for allocation and consumption of work clothing and footwear as well as personal protective equipment,

· Developing personal cards for equipping employees with work clothing and footwear and personal protection.



IV. Procedures for dealing with accidents at work and occupational diseases:

Conducting accident proceedings,

Preparation of applicable post-accident documentation of accidents at work and occupational diseases,

Keeping records of accidents at work,

· Proposing preventive measures.


V. Technical work safety:


04 February 2021